ZYPHO Pipe-in-pipe

is a innovative drain water heat recovery product distinguished by several innovation institutes both national and international. ZYPHO Pipe-in-pipe is the results of several years of research for a solution that suited the needs of the Scandinavian market taking into the account those countries rules and regulations. ZYPHO’s Pipe-in-pipe exchanger cooper coil is an continuous tube of 2,5 meters without any unions or connections that is wired to the control box (PEX system). ZYPHO Pipe-in-pipe is composed by robust components that insures a major energy efficiency with a maximum durability. Either in a Home or Business, ZYPHO Pipe-in-pipe is easy to install, insures great savings in the energy bill and contributes in positive way to the environment.

– Greater flexibility of installation

– Leak detection system

– Efficiency 25.2% at 9.0L / min

– 10 year warranty

– Product certified by Swedish and Danish standards

Technical specifications sheet

Installation manual with step by step instructions

ZYPHO was design to require minimal servicing.

ZYPHO Pipe in Pipe must be installed with a shower drain that incorporates a filter or a trap to prevent the passage of debris. Like any other drain pipe, we recommend a periodically cleaning. Use a non-corrosive drain cleaner and ZYPHO’s cleaning brush or other flexible drain brush that easily goes through the ZYPHO pushing the debris towards the sewer.  See ZYPHO’s Pipe in Pipe accessories section for our recommendation for the ZYPHO brush.