The day will come when a Shower Drain Heat Recovery will be a commodity. We believe ZYPHO is taking a serious part in this progress.

EIDT, SA is a company that develops, produces and markets products and solutions that enhance the comfort of the shower and substantially reduce energy consumption. Through the ZYPHO systems, the company has become the leader in the industry of shower heat recovery systems that contribute to improve the energy efficiency of housing.

ZYPHO is present in more than 15 countries and has been building solid partnerships with high-profile distributors and partners covering the UK, Scandinavian, Central and Northern European markets, as well as Brazil, South Africa and the Australian markets.


The Team

José Meliço

CEO e I&D manager
Visionary entrepreneur with a proven track record of creative product design and managing multi-disciplinary teams.

David Silva

With an Engineering background, David is an expert on production, quality control and supply chain management.

Fernando Lourenço

Biz Dev. Manager
Business Developer with experience promoting and managing solutions into new markets.

Daniel Santos

Inter. Sales Manager
Experience in the internationalization of companies in different markets and business sectors.

Neuza Rosa

Biz & Mkt Support
Accountant with more than 10 years of experience in business and marketing support.

Sara Henriques

Quality inspector
Experience in quality control at the production line of several product categories.

Bernardo Lima

Quality inspector
Experience in quality control processes on production and assembly lines.